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Should I do ECA before or after collection?

Early Case Assessment (ECA) in eDiscovery can be handled in a variety of ways depending on the nature of your case. Running early case assessment software prior to a targeted data collection in order to gather crucial information can be one way, or you might prefer the more traditional approach of running ECA after data has been collected and you have more of an idea of the legal landscape. Whatever your goal is, our project managers are ready to assist you with collection of electronically-stored information (or ESI) from sources including cloud-based, offline, and mobile devices. Whether you are looking to self-collect or your IT team is handling the collection, don’t be afraid to call us for advice. We are always available to help. Our project managers are experienced with traditional ECA and can help determine appropriate next steps for filtering and culling data. Some examples of these early case assessment methods are date filtering, deNISTing, deduplication, and keyword searching. Once we understand the scope of your collection and who is involved, we can recommend best practices when moving forward with your eDiscovery early case assessment.

Helping law firms preserve and secure collected information, as long as needed.

Searchable Data

Use a fully-indexed archive to expedite decisions and make quicker assessments. Earlier decision-making leads to cost-savings in the long run. 

Reduced Costs

Identify important custodians and other potential data sources, restrict by date, and run key search terms to cull unnecessary information and save money on your document review.

Access to Insight

Guided by our subject matter experts, use data reporting, state-of-the-art machine learning technology, and interactive data visualization to hone in on insights you might’ve otherwise missed and use that information to develop your case narrative. 

Sentiment and Connections

See people’s emotions in context and visually understand the relationships among actors by using Reveal Brainspace for ECA. 

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