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How to Collect Information Across Multiple Sources

A typical day at the Datamine Discovery office starts on Discord, a messaging app similar to Slack. We use GoTo for video meetings (most of the time), and occasionally we’ll text one another if the need arises. We hop from one platform to another with the ease of a frog

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Legal Hold Services – Things You Should Know About Legal Hold

Searching and organizing electronically stored information (ESI) for a trial can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. At Datamine Discovery, we offer eDiscovery and legal hold services to make the legal hold process easier. The Basics of Litigation Hold A litigation hold, or legal hold, is a process

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How a Discovery Consultant Can Help With Your Next Case

Don’t Wait… Attorneys need to focus on the now, on those tasks requiring immediate attention. However, document collection and review are critical case elements that also require attention.  Understanding the technology, services, and tools available prior to the Meet and Confer and client consultation will put you on top.   The

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Practical Uses for eDiscovery Software

Who can use eDiscovery software? Anybody. Everybody. That’s not hyperbole – Humanity creates roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, as a species, per day. Someone’s got to review all of that information, right?  Well, something’s got to review all of that information, and that something is like Reveal Brainspace. This

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