Legal Data processing

Prepare your collected data for quicker review and ensure you find the documents you are searching for

Data Processing in the eDiscovery process is an integral component of your project. Data processing is important because  it converts your data for faster review and is essential in the process of helping  you to search and find the documents you are looking for.

Helping law firms preserve and secure collected information, as long as you need it.

Data Formats

Electronic data comes in a variety of formats. Think about all of the different applications you use everyday including email, text messages,  power point and excel just to name a few. Without the benefit of data processing, each of these data sources would need to be reviewed it its own application. Data processing allows you to convert all of this data into one format and review in one review application such as Concordance, Reveal or Relativity.  When dealing with so many file types, processing is an essential part of expediting your review.

Search to find your data

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Data processing gives you the ability to search your data. Below are important components of data processing. Without data processing technology assisted review, text searching and other analytics would not be possible. 

  • Text extraction allows you to search all text within a file. While not all files are searchable, extracting text will ensure that any file that has text, will have the ability to be searched.
  • Meta data extraction allows you to search through information regarding each file. Fields such as the email sent and received date, the date a file was created and author are a few examples. Processing will make this information available for searching.
  • Deduplication removes identical files from your review based on hash value. Deduplication helps to reduce your data set, search and review time.

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