We help to streamline the preservation of relevant documents when litigation is expected with one user-friendly, integrated, automated, and defensible legal hold management software. Manage legal hold applications and compliance from notice, to preservation, to evaluation quickly and defensibly.
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Collect – Cull – Preserve – Efficient Collection and Preservation. 

Forensic Data Collection removes your liability and preserves data for future analysis. Our consultants are here to assist with the collection of electronically stores information from several data sources. Image and collect mobile devices, network shares, hard drives including laptop, desktop and external, email accounts, drive accounts, web capture and databases. Forensic analysis is also available. 
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Converting all of your different data formats for faster review which is essential in the process of helping you to search and find the documents you are looking for. Early Case Assessment can be approached in several ways depending on the specifics of your case. Whether your goal is to cull data prior to a targeted collection or after collection with a more traditional ECA approach, our project consultants are here to support you. Prepare your data for searching and review; filter and report on keyword inclusiveness, key data points and prepare subsets of data for promotion to review and A.I. ECA dashboard for further filtering and identification of PII. Learn More About ECA and Legal Data Processing

Legal Hold Data Intelligence Begins Here

Many litigators struggle to collect and produce electronically stored information from email, cell phones, hard drives and social media platforms. At Datamine Discovery, our eDiscovery specialists collect and upload this data to a powerful review platform at an affordable price, so you can find and produce your relevant documents quickly and get back to your most pressing tasks.

Datamine Discovery is a premier eDiscovery solutions provider located in the financial district of Boston, MA. We work with litigation attorneys, law firms, and corporate legal departments to deliver eDiscovery solutions with uncompromising quality and first class personal service. We help our clients create a game plan for their ESI or electronically stored information including their collection, investigation, review and production. While we have worked locally in Boston for over 20 years, we assist clients in all locations throughout the United States. 

Our offerings include Collection of ESI from many data sources, Forensic Analysis and Data Processing. Our platform technology is all-inclusive; ECA, User Licenses, Investigation, Artificial Intelligence, A.I. Model Libraries, Continuous Active Learning, Sentiment Analysis, Review, Analytics and Production.    

Our team will guide you, assist in taking the data from its original source and help you find key documents more quickly.   

Reach out to our Datamine eDiscovery project management team at 617-329-9530 with your next eDiscovery project or to receive a consultation.

Easy to use and powerful review platform with built in analytics, integrated A.I. and continuous active learning to assist you and your team in building your case strategy more quickly and reviewing the most relevant documents first by bringing together logical events and eliminating relevance drift.
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Our consultants are here to help navigate your team through discovery by assisting you with best practices to organize your data and find your evidence.
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Our eDiscovery project managers are experts at utilizing A.I. technology that goes through unlimited volume of data and identifies key evidence crucial to a legal case.  This may include: 

Privilege Document Detection

ediscovery AI software

Leverage A.I. technology to identify privileged documents prior to review.


data clean up

Leverage A.I. technology to identify and remove unwanted noise in your data set, making your review more efficient.

Toxic Work

toxic work environment

Leverage A.I. technology to identify toxic behavior within unstructured data.

Sexual Harassment Detection

sexual harassment

Leverage A.I. technology to detect unwanted behavior within your data set.

“Once a party reasonably anticipates litigation, it must suspend its routine document retention/destruction policy and put in place a ‘litigation hold‘ to ensure the preservation of relevant documents.”

-Judge Shira Scheindlin, Zubulake v. UBS Warburg

We are excited to announce our new partnership with QuisLex! This means that we’ll be able to offer more eDiscovery services.  Click here to read more.

Datamine Discovery recommends using Key Discovery for attorneys who are looking for paper discovery supportcourt reporting and trial support services.  Key Discovery has been Boston’s finest litigation support company for many years.

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