With Datamine, Implement a Discovery Plan to Organize, Collaborate, Search, Review, Withhold for Privilege, and Produce Relevant Documents More Quickly and Accurately.

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Collect Your Data or Share With Us Through Secure File Share

Process Data by Culling the Unnecessary and Making the Rest Searchable

Upload Data to Secure Platform for Review

Investigation and Production

Be productive, efficient and organized

At Datamine, our systems and solutions give you access to:

  • Forensically sound data collection from sources such as email accounts, cell phones, hard drives and social media platforms. 
  • Secure hosted review of these data sources in one organized software location.  
  • Easy privilege tagging, full searchability and file sorting so you can find relevant documents quickly and accurately for production. 
  • Collaborate with your team members, co-counsel and experts. 
  • Our service and support team, who are available to provide unlimited training and are responsive to any questions that you have. 

Our consultants are here to help navigate your team through discovery by assisting you with best practices to organize your data and find your evidence.
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Collect – Cull – Preserve – Efficient Collection and Preservation. 

Forensic Data Collection preserves data for future analysis. Our consultants are here to assist with the collection of electronically stored information from several data sources. Image and collect mobile devices, network shares, and hard drives including laptops, desktops, external email accounts, drive accounts, web captures and databases. Forensic analysis is also available. 
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Easy to use and powerful review platform with built-in analytics, integrated A.I. and continuous active learning to assist you and your team in building your case strategy more quickly and reviewing the most relevant documents first by bringing together logical events.

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Trying to collect, review and produce electronically stored information can be overwhelming If you do not have a plan.
You don't need to struggle with:

  • Collection, review and production of electronic data such as emails, electronic documents, text messages and chats.
  • Feeling disorganized and frustrated as you try to organize, search, tag and review voluminous data from many sources.
  • The risk of editing or modifying files or meta data by opening them on your own computer.
  • Depriving yourself of the benefits of full searchability, culling irrelevant documents with a single click, easy tagging, file sorting and artificial intelligence features such as continuous active learning and pre-trained AI models that look for responsiveness and privilege.
  • With us, you have immediate access to more efficient eDiscovery services, software and project managers at an affordable price. 

Find the heart of your case faster. Discover everything from privileged content to sports news to toxic behavior or harassment. Trace conversations by sentiment and detect behavioral patterns and anomalies. Use industry-leading visual analytics to see your work differently.

Convert all of your different data formats for faster review which is essential in the search process. 

Early Case Assessment can be approached in several ways depending on the specifics of your case. Whether your goal is to cull data prior to a targeted collection or after collection with a more traditional ECA approach, our project consultants are here to support you. Prepare your data for searching and review; filter and report on keyword inclusiveness, key data points and prepare subsets of data for promotion to review, and A.I. ECA dashboard for further filtering and identification of personally identifiable information.
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Forensically-sound data collection

Processing to dedupe and eliminate unnecessary data quickly

and make the rest searchable by text and metadata fields.

Upload to review

Tag for privilege

Produce accurately according to your ESI agreement.

Unlimited training, support and assistance

Our eDiscovery project managers are experts at utilizing A.I. technology that processes enormous volumes of data and identifies key evidence crucial to a legal case.  This may include: 

Privilege Document Detection

ediscovery AI software

Leveraging A.I. technology to identify privileged documents prior to review.


data clean up

Using A.I. technology to identify and remove unwanted noise in your data set, making your review more efficient.

Toxic Work

toxic work environment

Utilizing A.I. technology to identify toxic behavior within unstructured data.

Sexual Harassment Detection

sexual harassment

Using A.I. technology to detect unwanted behavior within your data set.

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