Perform Forensic collection from any data source: Hard drives, Networks, Cell Phones, Cloud Storage, Social Media and Communication Networks. Collect - Cull - Preserve

Efficient Collection and Preservation

Early Case Assessment (ECA) and Data Collection can be approached in several ways depending on the specifics of your case. Whether your goal is to run ECA prior to a targeted data collection or after data has been collected with a more traditional ECA approach, our local Boston based consultants are here to support you. Our project managers will assist you with collection of electronically stored information from several data sources included active, cloud based, offline and mobile devices. If you are looking to self collect or your IT team is coordinating the collection, call on us anytime for advice on best practices.

Interested in learning more about our ECA and data collection services? Our local Boston and Providence based project managers are here every step of the way to assist with your eDiscovery. Call 617.329.9530 or contact us here for a consultation.

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Our team is here to help you make sense out of it all. Contact us today and let us do some of the heavy lifting.

Leaner & Targeted Data Collection

Targeted data collection allows you to run early case assessment before you collect your data. Giving you the opportunity to review only the data that’s relevant to your case and keeping your budget in check for data processing and hosting. Our tools allow you to manage data in place and across many repositories without creating multiple copies of your data.

One Stop Searching – Remote Collection

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We can remotely connect directly to and collect data from over 400 cloud and enterprise data sources. Quickly search the contents of those data sources in real-time using one user interface. Again this will allow your team to run their early case assessment searches prior to collection and re-run the searches as needed.

Defensible Chain of Custody

Eliminate gaps in the eDiscovery process and minimize separate software solutions by incorporating legal hold, collection, ingestion, filtering, review and production in one secure repository. Self-authenticating data reduces the risk of spoliation, maintaining the integrity of your data.

Faster eDiscovery Timelines

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Leaner collections, early insights and flexible OCR capabilities expedite your review time. Eliminate redundant efforts by indexing custodian data only once to maximize future collections and reviews. Index and deduplicate new data collections again the previous ones. Our index once and search many model will save you time and keep your data organized. Avoid data transfers between tools and people, ultimately shortening project timelines.

Mobile Data Collection

We use Cellebrite software for cell phone imaging. Once the image is created we load the image into a UFED reader. The end user can review the phone and tag anything they would like exported within the reader. Contents are easy to review as the reader and actual phone displays are similar. There are a number of valuable reports we can create and send to the reviewing attorney.

Traditional Early Case Assessment

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Many of our clients collect data using internal resources. If your IT group, litigation technology professional or if you self-collect, we are here to support you when the collection is complete. Our local project management team is experienced with traditional ECA and will help evaluate your collection and recommend next steps for culling and filtering. Some culling tools include deduplication, deNISTing, date filtering and keyword searching. Once we have a better understanding of your data and case, we can confidently make recommendations on the best options to move forward with your early case assessment.

Interested in learning more about our ECA and data collection services? Our local Boston and Providence based project managers are here every step of the way to assist with your eDiscovery. Call 617.291.9203 or contact us here for a consultation.

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