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Experienced Consultants Ready to help, make sense of your data and help you make a plan with your ESI.

Helping you make sense faster, error-free

Law firms, individuals and corporations involved in litigation or an investigation will encounter discovery both paper based and electronic. Datamine Discovery consultants are here to help navigate your team through discovery by assisting you with best practices to organize your data and find your evidence. While discovery still includes boxes of paper, it continues to expand with many different types of electronically stored information. Data sources such as emails, electronic documents, social media posts and text messages contain potential evidence which can be subject to discovery. Our team is here to support you with best practices and to help you create a plan.

Interested in learning more about our project management and consulting services? Our local Boston and Providence based project managers are there every step of the way to assist you. Call 617.291.9203 or contact us here for a consultation.

eDiscovery Project Management Team

How effective are you when you're very busy?

Our consultants can help you by assisting you with best practices to organize your data and find your evidence.

Local Support

While we understand that many customers prefer to do business over the phone, our local based project managers enjoy meeting with our clients in Boston, MA and Providence, RI at your law firm or corporate office. We have an open invitation for our customers to visit us here at 40 Court Street in downtown Boston. The eDiscovery industry is quickly becoming impersonal. Datamine Discovery’s goal is to provide the highest level of personalized customer service and project management. It is important for us to understand your goals at the onset of a case and to earn your trust by creating solutions to the issues at hand for each project.

Law firms, individuals, and corporations embroiled in litigation or investigative endeavors often find themselves in the labyrinth of discovery, grappling with an expansive universe of ESI. Datamine Discovery is here to illuminate the path, armed with a wealth of experience and a dedication to best practices.

eDiscovery Consulting Managed Services

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Our consulting team of project managers can support you in multiple capacities. Our end-to end eDiscovery solutions free you up to make legal decisions instead of technical ones.

  • Too much on your plate? Hire us as an extension of your existing technical team.
  • Many firms or corporations do not have an eDiscovery employee. Hire us as needed to take the place of a litigation support department or employee.
  • We provide training on several eDiscovery review platforms through webinar or in person.
  • We help clients select the best review platform for their case. It may be a hosted solution in the cloud or one behind your own network.
  • Consultation services to help with the initial ESI goals and expectations for each case. We will participate on phone calls and in person with your clients and attorneys to make sure we are all on the same page.
  • Helping you prepare for the meet and confer by reviewing the number of possible custodians, where data sources may be stored, and the potential costs of ESI, formats for production and the timing.

Manage Risk – Know where your data lives

Datamine Discovery helps manage risk by ensuring you take the correct steps for each case from preservation through production. Your data is managed in place from many different data sources eliminating the need to make multiple copies. Upon case completion you understand where your data resides and can make the appropriate call to delete or archive. Feel confident that you are in control of your clients data and can make smart decisions at any time.

We ensure that every step, from preservation to production, is executed correctly, eliminating the need for multiple data copies. 

Reviewers of our hosted platforms have different levels of experience. We are here to support you with as much or as little training and project management as needed. We assign an experienced project manager to every case. We have a support address that is available at all times and instantly goes to each our employees to ensure a prompt response to your request.

With our hosted review platform you will get experienced project managers who provide tailored training and support. 

A common question for us is what exactly are EDiscovery Services?

For those who are not too familiar with this service set we hope that this helps you out.  eDiscovery services refer to the process of collecting, processing, reviewing, and producing electronically stored information (ESI) for legal matters, such as litigation or regulatory investigations. This includes data from various sources, such as emails, documents, social media, and other forms of electronic communication. eDiscovery services providers use specialized software and tools to search and analyze the data, identify relevant information, and ensure that it is properly preserved, collected, and presented to support legal cases. These services help legal professionals to efficiently and effectively manage large volumes of electronic data, ensure compliance with legal regulations, and improve the overall speed and accuracy of the discovery process. eDiscovery services are commonly used in legal cases involving complex data sets or where traditional paper-based discovery methods are impractical or insufficient.

Interested in learning more about our eDiscovery Managed Services and consulting? Our local Boston and Providence based project managers are there every step of the way to assist you. Call 617-329-9530 or contact us here for a consultation.

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