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Early Case Assessment – Things You Need to Know

Successful law firms use technology and software tools to work more efficiently. Since what tool or software solution works best for your law first depends on various factors such as company size and the number of lawyers who work there, it is essential to select a tool that best serves

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What Is Office 365 eDiscovery and How Does It Work?

For a busy law firm, utilizing all the tools and software solutions available to increase productivity is imperative. Continuous innovations in software and cloud services tailored to various business services have proven to help companies across multiple industries to develop and succeed, and law firms are no exception. Office 365

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Overview of InControl software

Datamine Discovery is a proud partner of Reveal platform and wanted to share with our audience their PDF file that goes over the benefits of the Reveal eDiscovery platform.  Although this document is a little old it does a great job highlighting the benefits and flexibility of a solid ediscovery

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How Does eDiscovery Software Work?

Lawyers and other businesses from around the country are now collecting and storing data with eDiscovery. Since the system emerged in 2005, electronic discovery is now a regular feature in court rooms, offices, and law firm networks. If it is a new concept for you, here’s more about how eDiscovery

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What is eDiscovery?

How can eDiscovery software help legal professionals? The traditional method of discovery is when the parties involved manually disclose information they have about the case. The innovative eDiscovery system mimics this traditional method in an electronic version. Most litigation, investigations, and legal proceedings request information from participants under protection from

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The Value of Legal Hold for Attorneys

The Zubulake v. UBS Warburg case of 2003 set groundbreaking precedence for legal holds. Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that firms should suspend their document destruction policies and preserve all data that could be relevant to anticipated litigation. Since then, legal teams are liable if their clients discard any documents relevant

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