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Datamine Discovery Expands Capabilities with Relativity and Everlaw 

In the ever-evolving landscape of legal technology, staying ahead means embracing innovation and cutting-edge solutions. Datamine Discovery, a leading provider of eDiscovery services, has taken a significant leap forward by announcing its integration with Relativity and Everlaw, two powerhouse platforms in the legal industry. This empowers legal professionals with enhanced capabilities for efficient data management, analysis, and review.


Relativity, known for its robust eDiscovery software, brings a wealth of features tailored to streamline the complexities of legal workflows. With its powerful processing, review, and analysis tools, Relativity has become a cornerstone in the arsenal of legal teams worldwide. By working with Datamine Discovery, users now have seamless access to Relativity’s suite of tools, facilitating a more comprehensive approach to eDiscovery processes.

Everlaw, another prominent player in the legal tech sphere, specializes in providing intuitive and collaborative solutions for litigation and investigations. Its cloud-based platform offers advanced capabilities for document review, analysis, and case organization — especially its proprietary Storybuilder feature, which builds a narrative for the jury. With the integration with Datamine Discovery, users can leverage Everlaw’s sophisticated features alongside Datamine’s expertise in data processing and management, creating a synergistic environment for efficient legal operations.

This integration offers scalability and flexibility, catering to the diverse needs of legal practitioners across different practice areas and industries. Whether handling small-scale litigation or complex multinational investigations, Datamine Discovery’s integration with Relativity and Everlaw ensures that users have the tools they need to navigate the intricacies of modern legal challenges effectively.

In an era where data volumes are growing exponentially and regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, having access to advanced eDiscovery solutions is more critical than ever. Datamine Discovery’s integration with Relativity and Everlaw underscores its commitment to providing best-in-class services that empower legal professionals to navigate the complexities of digital information with confidence and efficiency.

By combining cutting-edge technology with industry-leading expertise, Datamine Discovery continues to set the standard for innovation in the legal tech space, offering users unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and effectiveness in managing their eDiscovery needs. Ready to start a discussion with us? Contact us today!

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