Hosted Data Review

Making sense out of voluminous data. Host, share, search, review, tag, issue code, organize incoming - outgoing productions and prepare for deposition and eventually trial.

Legal Data Intelligence Begins Here, With Datamine Discovery

Regardless of the amount of data, our hosted review tools are designed to take the largest data sets and quickly, accurately, and defensibly reduce them to the most relevant data. 

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We will help you organize, perform analytics, tag content, run advanced searches, and more with our eDiscovery hosting.

Review allows you to get a greater understanding and more efficient way to uncover critical evidence.

eDiscovery Convenience and Defensible Chain of Custody

Seamlessly transition from legal hold, to collection/review in one tool with the push of a button. Our company gives you the tools to make the decisions that are best for your case. While our project managers will guide you with end-to-end eDiscovery solutions, you do have the flexibility to move your data at any point in the discovery process. Do you have your own review platform or would you like to host your data with another vendor? That’s okay too. After ECA, collection and processing, we can export the load file of your choice to the platform of your choice.

Built-in Analytics – Technology Assisted Review

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Our platform includes built-in analytics that will help guide the review process including: dupe suppression, near duplicate analysis, difference viewer, sampling, concept clustering, entity analysis, keyword analysis and email threading. Use technology assisted review (TAR) to quickly locate the most relevant data and expedite your review.

Hosted Review Project Management

You’ve come a long way in the eDiscovery process and are now at the critical review stage of your case. Review allows you to get a greater understanding of your data and to continue developing legal strategies based on the evidence you uncover. Allow Datamine Discovery to manage the end-to-end eDiscovery platform and software training that will free you up to make legal decisions instead of technical ones. Our team will offer as much or as little help as needed and will ensure you are an experienced reviewer in no time.

End-to-End eDiscovery platform

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Datamine Discovery is paving the way with a more complete end-to-end eDiscovery review. A flexible, repeatable and secure experience to obtain the results that you need. Unlimited user licenses for each case at no additional cost will help you to stay on budget. Our platforms integrate processing, search, analytics, review, tagging and production into a consolidated solution.


Our consultants will help you deliver the relevant documents to the other side in the proper format and meet your production deadlines. Confidently run your own productions or have our project managers assist you. Build privilege rules, define production sets and finalize production results with ease.


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Datamine Discovery offers dynamic reports which help reviewers and administrators to track the progress of any case. Examples reports are custodian assignment status, entity summary, tagging efficiency and breakdown, timeline reports and many more.

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Hosted Data Review Crash Course

If you still need to learn more about how hosted data review works then we invite you to read this blog that dives deeper into this science.

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