Data Production

Helping you produce evidence to the other side according to specification and in any format that you need.

You have followed the eDiscovery process and are now ready to produce your evidence to the other side. At Datamine Discovery, we help you deliver the relevant documents  in the proper format while meeting your time frames. We will ensure that your production meets the specification in your discovery agreement.

Helping law firms preserve and secure collected information, as long as you need it.

Flexibility & Options

With many years of experience with productions, Datamine Discovery  will help you achieve your production goals. Here are a few examples of what we will do for you.

  • Quality control a production you run in our hosted review platform.
  • Check a production that has come in from another vendor to make sure it meets your specifications.
  • Accommodate your production request specification whether is is standard or customized, in any native or image format.
  • Customize your production for any review platform.

Turnaround times

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Does it ever come up that you need to send out a last minute production to meet a deadline? While we appreciate advance notice, our project management team will do all that we can to meet your rush turnaround time.

Quality control of incoming and outgoing productions

While quality controlling productions, we check the following to ensure accuracy.

Agreed upon metadata, the structure of the load file, proper extracted text and OCR, an accurate bates prefix and designation, no bates label gaps, burned in redactions, exception placeholders, consistency across production volumes and that images, text and native files reside in their correct location.

Interested in learning more about our ESI production services?  Our local Boston based project managers are here every step of the way to assist with your eDiscovery. Call 617.329.9530 or contact us here for a consultation.

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