Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do you charge and how often?

Invoices are sent out at the beginning of the new month for the previous monthly work completed.  All invoices have a detailed log of the work performed. We send out invoices through email and to the contact or contacts that our client lists at the beginning of a project. Invoices are due within 30 days. We are available at any time to go over questions regarding an invoice. We accept check, wire transfer and credit card payment.

Q-  Can I get someone on the phone to help me?

While many of our clients reach out to us with an email or event a text, we are 100% available to speak with you by phone. Call us anytime at 617-329-9530. One of the differences in working with Datamine Discovery is our response time. We try to get back to all of our clients within 20 minutes of your request.

Q-  Can you send someone to my office?

If you are located in the Boston or Providence area, we will absolutely work with you at your location. We are flexible to your work environment. We can work remotely, with you at your office or even invite you to visit us here.

Q-  What cities and areas do you cover?

Our office is in downtown Boston, MA but we service all of the New England area. Since eDiscovery can be done remotely, we service clients throughout the United States regularly as well. When working with clients outside of New England, our training is done by webinar.

Q-  What is eDiscovery?

Discovery is a procedure in a legal case by which parties exchange evidence with the other side. ESI or Electronically Stored Information has many different formats including emails, electronic office documents, text messages, social media posts and many more. In a law suit or investigation these data sources contain potential evidence that may be subject to discovery. eDiscovery is the process of taking data from the source and helping you to find evidence. In the eDiscovery process, data will be identified, collected, processed, reviewed by attorneys and produced to the other side.

Q-  What is the best way to reach you if I have a question or an immediate need?

A great way to reach us is by emailing This email distribution goes out to our entire team and ensures a prompt response to your request. You can also call us at anytime at 617-329-9530. If your question is not time pressing, reach out direct to

Q-  Why do I need to process my data before review?

Processing converts your data for quicker review and is an important step in assisting you to search and find the documents you are looking for. Electronic data comes in many forms. Converting the data allows you to open the files in one application instead of a separate application for each type of file. When dealing with so many file types, data processing will take the multitude of files and convert them into a single format for review. Data processing also help you to make the data searchable. Processing allows you to search the text of documents,  search meta data fields such as the email sent and received date and also run deduplication which removes identical files from your review. Without this step, analytics and technology assisted review would not be able to work. 

Q-  Can I use your eDiscovery Review platform and be my own project manger?

For the most part you can be in control of the project management. We help our clients with as much or as little support as needed. While we are here to be your project manger 100% of the time, we understand that some clients would like to create their own cases and process their own data. If this is the case, give us a call and we can show you how.

Q-  How can I access my eDiscovery Review platform?

Anytime and anywhere that you have an internet connection. You will have access to advance search and filtering, tagging and issue coding, integrated active learning workflows, fully customizable review interface and detailed tracking and reporting.

Q-  Can I run my own productions?

We run productions for most of our clients but you can run a production anytime. If you are interested, we will train you anytime!

Q-  I have data to collect but I’m not sure on the next step. How can you help me?

We will do a complimentary call with you, your client or your client’s IT team to get the process started. We will help you ask the correct question to identify, collect, process, review and produce your data.

Q-  What makes you different than all of the other eDiscovery providers, partners and vendors?

We offer the technology and same end-to-end solutions as the national providers with the first class personal service of a local provider. We are here to assist you every step of the way and are always available to answer your calls and emails. We are right here in Boston and available to work with at your office, work remotely or even our Datamine office location. We are a solutions for all of your discovery needs which includes electronic and paper discovery services. Whether you have an email collection or 50 boxes of scanning, we can help!

Q – What if my law firm needs help with other legal services?

We also work and use Key Discovery for attorneys who are looking for paper discovery support, court reporting and trial support services.  Key Discovery has been Boston’s finest litigation support company for many years and supports clients throughout the United States.

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