Legal Hold Services
Take advantage of an integrated, automated, and defensible software platform.

Legal Hold simplifies and manages compliance

Datamine Discovery helps you to streamline your legal hold process when litigation is expected with one user friendly, integrated, automated, and defensible software platform. Manage legal hold compliance from notice, to preservation, to evaluation quickly and defensibly.

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Helping law firms preserve and secure collected information, as long as you need it.

Our Legal Hold Services focus around preserving potentially relevant data that may be needed for litigation purposes. Our team can help you issue a legal hold, preserve all pertinent information and data, and help you discover valuable information through our eDiscovery services. Our goal is to let you focus on your case while we focus on preparing everything for a solid argument!

Legal Hold Notification & Acknowledgement

Part of our end-to-end legal hold solution is managing legal hold notifications. Datamine Discovery helps organizations to comply with their preservation obligations by making it easy to inform custodians to preserve their information. Save time by creating notice templates which can be customized on the fly with attorney, matter and custodian information also create questionnaires to be sent with each notice. Set automatic reminders to ensure custodians acknowledge the notice in a timely manager. Run detailed reports to track information for your legal holds at any time.

Fast & Automated Legal Hold Services

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We help you save time managing legal hold with repeatable and automated processes. Instantly understand information such as the number of matters, the number of custodians on hold and how many custodians are assigned to multiple matters. Keep track of employee status changes and employees leaving a company to ensure the departing employee’s data is secured. Reduce the steps and the resources involved in your litigation workflow and eliminate redundant processes.

Transition to collection and review

Streamline legal hold and automate data preservation across cloud and enterprise repositories in one central location. Hold is the beginning of an end-to-end eDiscovery process leading to a better way of running early case assessment before collection of data. Targeted data collection will help to keep you within budget and save you valuable review time. Datamine Discovery offers full end-to-end solutions including legal hold, early case assessment, collection and review all in one platform.

Legal Hold that's Secure and Defensible

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Our project managers and legal hold solutions help eliminate risks in eDiscovery every step of the way. Our hold software includes a fully defensible audit log/chain of custody reports. Tracking includes the relevant custodians, the hold notices sent, the acknowledgements, the completed questionnaires and employee changes, updates and terminations.

An Integrated Legal Hold Service

Integrate your legal hold software with most cloud and enterprise applications including Office 365, Google, One Drive, Slack, Workday and many more. Datamine Discovery is making it easy to place data on hold.

One central location for Legal hold

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Centralize your legal hold team, workflows, and custodian management in one easy-to-access hub. Connect enterprise and cloud applications while automatically preserving data with a single click. Turn manual, error prone processes into repeatable and defensible legal hold workflows.

Legal hold Services for Law Firms

Many of our law firms manage legal hold for their clients. To avoid spoliation concerns, legal teams often need to understand their client network, email structure and all sources of potentially relevant data. Ensuring that their clients have an understanding of legal hold is often the beginning of a successful plan to a proper document collection. Datamine Discovery helps law firms to offer the value add service of managing their client’s legal hold process. Law firms can manage different client’s holds on separate instances but still have the capability to have a paralegal or litigation support employee manage the process as the administrator.

Value of Legal Hold for Attorneys

We invite you to learn more about the value of legal hold for attorneys by reading this article that further dives into the mechanics of legal hold.  Also, be sure to checkout Legal Holds information that is available on Wikipedia.   Lastly, here is an article we wrote that dives deeper into Legal Hold and explaining it in further detail.

Legal Hold Services – Things You Should Know About Legal Hold

Interested in learning more about our legal hold services? Our local Boston and Providence based project managers are there every step of the way during legal hold and discovery to assist you. Call 617.329-9530 or contact us here for a consultation.

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