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How Brainspace AI Helps You Learn What You Don’t Know

My mother used to drop me off at high school at 7 AM. School didn’t start until 8, so I questioned this practice more often than not. Why couldn’t I sleep in? Why did I have to go to school at the crack of dawn?

“Go talk to your teachers about your homework,” she’d say. “You don’t know what you don’t know.” 

This became a mantra. You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why now, doing my job as an eDiscovery specialist, I am very aware at all times of how much I don’t know. 

You see, each project is its own universe. We at Datamine Discovery will sometimes receive hundreds of gigabytes of data that the client is hoping to wrestle into some form of legal understanding. They come to us with keywords and names and dates and hope that the resulting project data isn’t an overwhelming deluge of documents. 

That’s where Brainspace AI comes in. Looking at the project data as a visual representation rather than individual files helps transform the questions being asked. Sometimes the system comes up with helpful questions for us that we hadn’t even thought of. That’s the whole point – attorneys don’t know what they don’t know, and Brainspace aims to fill in those gaps in order to provide tactical advantages. 

Brainspace AI
Brainspace AI

Brainspace is a visual analytics program that helps users find answers up to 90% faster than they would otherwise by means of their cluster wheel and topic cards. They understand that “[s]peed matters. The longer an investigation goes on, the more it costs, not just in time and money, but in damage to corporate reputation and employee morale.” 

The program “accelerates the investigative process by combining patented machine learning technology with powerful interactive data visualizations.” This means that A) you don’t need to be a data analyst to use or understand it, and B) you can find the right answer in hours rather than days or weeks. 

Brainspace shows visual patterns in a simple point-and-click interface. It’s impossible to screw it up or find yourself down a useless rabbit hole, because every rabbit hole leads somewhere. Every data point represents something that could help your case because it shows the connections between people, places, time, and concepts. You can see through codenames and pseudonyms to find out who these people are, what they have been doing, with whom, and when.

That’s why I no longer worry about what I don’t know. I still follow the mantra, but I know that this program will help me find my own blind spots. Contact us today to see what Reveal Brainspace can do for your case.  

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