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Overview of InControl software

Datamine Discovery is a proud partner of Reveal platform and wanted to share with our audience their PDF file that goes over the benefits of the Reveal eDiscovery platform.  Although this document is a little old it does a great job highlighting the benefits and flexibility of a solid ediscovery software platform.   You may see the Reveal eDiscovery software PDF file here.

If you are using a mobile browser then for your reading convenience we have pasted the content of this PDF file below.

InControlTM everywhere

Affordable and flexible e-discovery software for litigation support in a cross-browser compatible environment

Accessible Everywhere

InControlTM is cross-browser compatible and runs on Mac, PC and iPad with no downloads or plug-ins required by the user. It provides project review teams the flexibility they need to run smooth and cost efficient reviews. It can be accessed in any internet browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. From work, from home or on the commute, InControlTM is accessible.

Accessed through a secure data center at one of our installed partners, InControlTM technology responds to the need for law firms and corporations to meet the requirements of producing data for litigation purposes.


Reveal technology is offered at a highly competitive price point. Service providers and law firms can quickly recognize the value of InControlTM from both cost and revenue perspectives. With minimal investment, the pricing model allows service providers to grow their business and generate a recurring revenue stream. Law firms using InControlTM have the ability to control the ever increasing cost of document review. Reveal’s pricing structure will continue to respond to the needs of the industry we serve.


InControlTM can mirror the workflow of diverse review projects, allowing administrators to respond to the demands of the case, and users to accomplish their tasks efficiently. Offering the most nimble architecture of its kind, InControlTM allows clients to customize their implementation of the software to meet their diverse needs. Changes can be made during a case as requirements change, and, more globally, across cases – as we know every client and every case has its own unique set of requirements and expectations.

Easy to Use

InControlTM helps attorneys access information in a fast, user-friendly interface, allowing them to perform their document review as efficiently as possible.

Our software is built with the user in mind – the user interface is intuitive, allowing reviewers to tag, annotate, redact, and produce documents efficiently, and with minimal start-up training.


InControlTM is feature-rich, including our own concept clustering, near duplicate document detection, email threading and quick entity searches for organizing and prioritizing reviews. It also offers advanced search capabilities, and provides alerts for documents with nuances, such as hidden information or track changes or speaker notes.

Features Users Need

InControlTM has the functionality users need, and provides a high level of flexibility to adapt to the requirements of different projects. Our team of technologists and legal experts work together to design and develop software that meets the demands of the litigation industry. Legal teams have a highly flexible tool at their disposal – with the ability to define tags, assign documents, and lock down necessary functions to ensure a reliable, efficient review.

Install or Access through a Hosted Provider

InControlTM is entirely web-based software that is offered as an installation or as a hosted solution through a secure data center at one of our install partners. InControlTM can be implemented based on the needs of the organization. In an installed environment, a firm must have the required hardware configuration for the Reveal team to then guide a successful installation, and train your administration team. In a hosted environment, Reveal offers InControlTM through one of our reselling service providers. The technology has exceptional scalability to meet changing project demands.

Transparent Communication

Use InControlTM to facilitate review project management, using the same technology platform to manage project communication, status, and reporting throughout a project. By keeping communication centralized for the review team, there is one point of reference for relevant project information. Customize reports to keep litigation support staff, attorney reviewers, expert advisors, and vendors up-to-date.


Reveal built the most granular level of security into InControlTM, such that every task in the system may be locked down. System administrators define user access based on the user’s role. The security architecture ensures that individual users are only accessing tasks and data based on their permissions.

Data in the Cloud

With more data being managed online, Reveal offers an option to control data storage costs. By offloading this data to secure, less expensive, highly available cloud storage, with InControlTM, data hosting fees can be significantly reduced.


We will support your internal efforts and your clients’ efforts to ensure project success and highest levels of satisfaction with the technology. Reveal’s expert support team is accessible to all users, from administrators to end users. Our support staff defines itself by responsiveness, resourcefulness, and follow-through. Users receive timely answers, and clear and consistent information that thoroughly addresses their needs. Our goal is for every user to become an InControlTM advocate.  Contact us to learn more.

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