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Reveal Review’s Foreign Language Translation Services

Can your eDiscovery review platform translate foreign language documents?

We often receive questions about foreign language documents during an eDiscovery review. With improvements in technology, it has become more common, efficient and easier than ever for businesses to work and communicate internationally. While this has many advantages, it does create challenges with discovery. How do litigators review discovery in different languages? It is not uncommon for US-based litigators to assemble a team of reviewers who speak multiple languages, and they depend on this review team to find the documents they are looking for. But does this always need to be the case?

As eDiscovery review software improves, AI technologies are now integrated within this software, and machine translation is an area where attorneys are experiencing significant gains. Many eDiscovery review platforms can now locate foreign language documents and translate them allowing you to review discovery in these languages. Without the help of bilingual experts, you can now run a first pass review of these documents and look for the docs that may help you tell your story or help you find evidence faster and more efficiently. Reveal can detect and translate 150 different business languages, including the identification of up to three languages per document. Reveal offers the flexibility for you to change the language within the review interface so you can review documents in your native language.

Here is a list of the most common:



The language handling solution of Reveal consists of six main features:


  • Extraction of Electronic Text
  • Extraction of OCR Text
  • Language Identification
  • Language Translation


An example of a translated document


  • Transcription – Extraction of Text from Audio/Video Files
  • Translation of User Interface


Offering eDiscovery Foreign Language Services…

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By Scott King, Founder, Datamine Discovery

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