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Common eDiscovery Questions Lawyers Should Ask

Electronic discovery or eDiscovery is the process of identifying, searching, collecting, and analyzing electronic information for legal purposes. Datamine Discovery focuses on eDiscovery services for law firms and attorneys who want to preserve digital content and find reliable information they can use as evidence for their upcoming cases.

However, not many lawyers understand how these services work. In this blog post, you will find common questions and answers that explain the concept behind eDiscovery.

Common Questions You Should Ask

Who Uses eDiscovery?

Corporate legal departments, law firms, individual lawyers, and governmental agencies obtain eDiscovery services and collaborate with eDiscovery professionals to:

  • Collect, process, produce, review, and store electronically stored information (ESI)
  • Use technology to expedite the discovery process
  • Educate on legal laws and procedures
  • Create policies
  • Ensure compliance with federal laws

Is Legal Hold Part of the eDiscovery Process?

Yes, legal hold management is a vital part of the eDiscovery process. Legal or litigation happens more frequently than other steps of the eDiscovery process, such as data collection and document review. Lawyers can now simplify the preservation of relevant documents for litigation thanks to the user-friendly and automated legal hold management software.

Does eDiscovery Include Forensic Data Collection?

eDiscovery covers forensic data collection and analysis. When outsourcing your eDiscovery needs, you can expect:

  • Consultants to collect data from common data sources (desktop, laptop, mobile) and a broad selection of uncommon sources and systems.
  • Data that adheres to the highest levels of legal authority and defendability
  • Forensic analysis based on the highest level of legal investigative and technical experience

Does eDiscovery Cover Early Case Assessment?

ECA or Early Case Assessment is the process of estimating the risk to defend or prosecute a specific case. Law firms usually spend significant time, money, and energy only to discover they need to settle the case differently. Thanks to eDiscovery services, lawyers can analyze data for faster early case assessment.

Legal teams can rely on eDiscovery software to understand case information early through specific technology-assisted review rather than the old manual review, where they need to review documents one at a time.

Is Predictive Coding an Option?

Nowadays, law firms and agencies deal with an immense volume of evidence and information regarding a specific case. To save money and time, they turn to computer-assisted review to help highlight essential records faster and without human error.

Another option that eDiscovery software offers is predictive coding which is helpful for large cases. It automates the process of reviewing documents by taking information obtained from manual coding and using that logic to review your data.

When to Outsource Your eDiscovery Needs

The need for eDiscovery services grows every day, and it is no surprise considering the number of electronic information lawyers can obtain for their cases. Here are a few signs you need to outsource your eDiscovery needs (if you haven’t done it already).

Your Day-to-Day Operations Are Breaking the Bank

It is not easy to find associates who can search, collect, analyze, report, and produce data. Hiring new people costs money and keeping them trained in the newest technology can pose financial trouble for your firm. Outsourcing your eDiscovery needs is a faster and cheaper solution.

Keep Data Secure

Holding sensitive information in-house comes with certain drawbacks. Essential data and personal information will be at risk for cybersecurity breaches, mishaps, or human error. Law firm client data is an easy target for hackers, and many lawyers aren’t ready to protect the data from external threats.

Instead of worrying about cyberattacks, law firms decide to outsource eDiscovery services to keep data safe and secure.

Benefit From Technology Expertise

Outsourcing eDiscovery comes with numerous benefits. If you want to benefit from technology expertise, managed services, and automated collection processing, eDiscovery software provides a team of experts for a fraction of the cost of an internal or in-house team.

You can focus on your firm and clients while your eDiscovery partner takes care of the operating procedures and technical details.

Outsourcing Your eDiscovery Is Better Than Learning It On Your Own

When you outsource your eDiscovery to Datamine Discovery, you can expect lower costs, a scalable approach, and secure client data. Datamine Discovery has a proven history of working with lawyers, law firms, and corporations with legal departments who need help managing large volumes of data quickly and efficiently.

Get in touch with Datamine Discovery today at 617-348-9360 to discuss eDiscovery services include Managed Document review services.

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